Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Adoption Day to Me!

I have been in my family 24 years today.. I've had parents who have given me their everything.  A father who played silly games with me every Saturday, and taught me honesty and respect. A mother who always lotioned up my ashy indian skin, and was a great example of charity. I've also had three older brothers who relentlessly teased me with loogie yo-yos, wedgies, and rediculous stories.. Austin who taught me spontanaity and good works. Ed who taught me confidence and individual worth. Tony who taught me commitmemt and faith.  So much of who I am is because this family adopted me.. also known as, loved and accepted me. :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It Takes a Village

Well...  The event went beyond our expectations.  Our family and friends went beyond our expectations.  Our community went beyond our expectations. 

I want to share one moment from the night that was so tender to me... During the live auction, the auctioneer allowed my father-in-law to share a few words with the group.  He told them about my health as an orphan and about my parents example of charity...  and how Justin and I wanted to offer that love and acceptance to these little boys.  The auctioneer reclaimed the mic as the crowd digested the prior speech.  He told them the next part of the auction was selfless... and would only leave them with a "good feeling".  This was probably the most desired item of the night.  Almost everyone's paddle went up as the auctioneer asked for pledges to be donated to help get these children in our arms.  Everyone wanted that good feeling.  I couldn't help but bury my face in my husband's arm as I felt loved and supported in this cause.  My heart was full of gratitude.. so much my eyes spilt tears uncontrollably.  As I looked around at faces....  I found my village raising me up.

We have been greatly blessed.