Friday, June 10, 2011

Why would we do this to our family?

We love them too much!!  Our family is everything... and these boys will add more to everything!  We are so excited to bring them home and share them with not only our family, but our friends and the world.  They will offer a love and craziness to our family and community, that I can't even find within myself.  After hanging out with some awesome kiddos who have Down Syndrome, Justin and I knew we needed this for our family.

Layton is one of my best friends... No matter how messy my hair is, how bad my attitude is, he loves me.  He see only the best in me.  He's great!  And because he's great, I can't be anything but great around him.  He inspires me to greatness...  We have to have this standard in our family.  We have to be one big family, together forever.  With these little ones to guide us, we will be there.