My mom is working on organizing a change drive!   She is offering all of our young friends an opportunity to get involved.  Email me if you have questions!

The yard sale was awesome!!  Another dent in the cause!

My mom and her co-worker will be having a yard sale the first weekend of August.  All procedes will go towards the adoption.  It will be on Midland and Iowa (Correction).
If you have items you would like to donate please email me!  We can make arrangements to pick up the items or have them dropped off to us.  Whatevers clever, just let me know!  :)

The Benefit Auction was a great success... and such a well of hope.  Thank you to all who were involve that evening.  You rocked it!

Come have a fun time with my family and friends!  My favorite man will be preparing some great food with some of our dearest friends.  We will also be having a homemade dessert sale!

The auction will start at 8:00 PM.  Items have been donated by supporters of the adoption.  If you'd like to donate, or purchase tickets, please email me at  Everything will get us closer to our forever family.
Tickets are $20.00 for one adult.  Soda and alcoholic beverages will be additional.

We are done with fundraiser number one, where we held a Thirty-One party with Jonet.  We earned just over $105.00 towards the adoption!