Thursday, May 26, 2011


Adoption has always been a thing in my life.  My siblings are adopted.  I am adopted.  We are adopting.

I was born in India, and adopted as an infant.  Growing up I can remember asking my grandma why people starred at me.... She told me, "It's because you're so beautiful."  I believed her.... haha.   My family always knew what to say...  Honestly, Father knew exactly what He was doing placing me in their way.  I belonged.

Over the years, my feelings about my adoption story have varied from liking, loving, mourning, and not really noticing it.  A few years ago, my parents took me back to India with other adoptees.  There, in my birth country, I became more myself than I was ever.  I saw hairy-armed gals and accepted my own hairy arms.  I took a picture with other brown faces.  I found people who cared for me as an orphan, and loved me as though I had never left.  I learned the other side to my story.  I am an adoptee who has been loved, who is loved, and who can love.  My trip back to my country was full of acceptance and love.  Visiting my past allowed me to restructure my foundation and fill my life with acceptance and love.  My story is adoption.


  1. I loved reading your first of many blogs!! I am so thankful that you are my best friend and I get to watch and support you on your journey to mommy hood! Can you believe that we have been friends for 17 years! Wow! I know you better then my own sisters and know that you are going to be an awesome Mommy. I can't wait to meet the boys! Post some pics of them and tell me a little more about them.
    Love ya!

  2. well i think your grandma had it spot on! you are beautiful! so thrilled about your adoption and your wonderful heart. this post made me cry already!! so i expect i will cry many more tears as your journey unfolds! much love and praying for a smooth and fast path to your babies. jane xxxxx

  3. Welcome to the RR family! You are bringing home two super precious boys!! Anything I can do to help, just email me!! nobabynoblog at gmail dot com

  4. May God bless you every step of this journey!