Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Explaining vs Educating

First I need to apologize for not updating sooner!  Please forgive me.. us.  We are finding our to do list growing and growing, but our time escaping even quicker.  We hope to do better about keeping you all in the loop.  :)

Lately my mind has been heavy... I often feel like I'm on the chopping block being turned over, trimmed and even tenderized at times.  There are social workers researching my life to see that I am a good candidate to be an adoptive parent..  There are "curious people"..........  There are questions.. even question that I have asked myself that make me dig deep.

I like rules.. but I've never been one to follow a given protocol to living life.  When my mom was encouraging me to go to college right away I took my time.  I bought a house before I had a career.  Justin and I are adopting before even trying to have biological children.  I don't know that there are any reasons to my rhymes.... but I have involved my Father and my loved ones in my plans.  This is my calling.... and I never thought being a mom would be easy, just something I always knew I wanted to be.

My mom and I talked about the "chopping block".  She asked me to find out where I was mentally.... Was I trying to explain myself, or was I wanting to take this time to educate people about this journey.

I know the blessings of adoption... my family is blessed by adoption.  These boys are "not of my flesh, but of my heart".  I can't wait! I love blessings!!

This is the busiest time... juggling all these hats.  But I am so excited to be getting my mother's hat.  All these emotions I'm feeling during this process are going to make me best cut of meat I can become.  Even if it sucks at times.

Mom, I will be positive, because this is such an awesome adventure.  I know I am loved and supported... and through that knowledge I will find strength to be an advocate for my family and our unique story.  Adoption is a curious thing... Adoption is my life (I think I got busy, and forgot).  I will be an educator... not an explainer.  Thanks for the check.  Love you.

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