Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You'll never quite know...

Today my spirit grew.  I was feeling a bit lost and frustrated with paperwork for the adoptions....  I have been praying that those helping provide the paperwork would be inspired to sense urgency in my specific papers, that I would be steadfast and diligent with the work, and always, that my boys will feel my love for them...... and today was full of answers.  As I was driving to work I got a call stating this document would be ready, then at work more documents would be ready, and an appointment could be scheduled as soon as next week!  And Summer rescued me by providing me with directions.... and powerful prayer.  Thank you all for following the promptings Father sent.  You were the answers to my prayers as you acted upon that inspiration.  I know my Father is mindful of me and the desires of my heart.  I know He hears and answers my prayers.  I know, like Hollie knows, "He is in the details of my life".  And I know He loves me - Trishna.  Father can move mountains.

To add to my joy and continue fulfilling my prayers... someone full of charity and love donated $1,000.00 to my little guys' account!!  How did you know this was the moment?  The very best time to add this money to their account?  I broke when my mom told me this news.... and there was hope and gratitude overflowing in me.  I called Justin and in between sobs told him , "I'm so happy.  We are so blessed.  Heavenly Father loves our family."  Thank you for listening and being so generous...  Thank you for loving our family.

I'm so grateful for the powerful communication of love through prayer.  I know as I communicate with my Father and express my needs, He communicates with others to be His instruments and answer my prayers.  Through those answers I have felt and immense measure of love...  that renews me, strengthens me, and testifies that I am a child of God. 

Please continue to pray for us and our little ones.  We know He answers.


  1. He cares about everything concerning His children! It makes me weep with gratitude as well, His timeliness!

  2. thats awesome! is the thing up there that is keeping track of money raised, accurate? Just wondering!

  3. We're in Mountain Home and also adopting one of RR angels. I LOVE that you're not even bothering to have your own first. You just know what you've been called to do. That could have been me, had the Lord not sneaked in an unplanned pregnancy (or two). I had a few more questions for you about your agencies if you wouldn't mind chatting. My email is and on RR we're the Gillette family for Marissa under New Commitments. Best of luck getting to your boys asap, have you met them yet?